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Packed with Flavor and 25g of Protein

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"Outstanding Foods creates snacks that everyone, from meat lovers to herbivores, can enjoy mindfully without sacrificing taste or texture."
“They’ve got the perfect crunch and an ample amount of nacho cheese dusting that is finger-licking delicious. Good on you, PigOut, for living up to your name.”
“’ll be devouring your way to pork rind heaven.”
“The plant-based snack is positioned as a better-for-you indulgence that is formulated with healthy ingredients that will help to satisfy a person’s hunger…”

What makes our products outstanding?

We make it easy for you to enjoy more nutritious plant-based versions of your favorite foods! We pride ourselves on ADDICTIVELY DELICIOUS™, high-protein, nutrient-dense products that will leave you feeling satisfied + guilt-free when you hit the bottom of the bag.

Our chef Dave — the guy behind the Beyond Burger™ — personally crafts each product and won't let anything leave his kitchen until it's absolutely OUTSTANDING!


One bite and you'll be hooked too!


A game changing 7g of protein per oz (same as a burger) and nutrients like Iron, Calcium, vitamin B12, and D


Free of animal ingredients, gluten, GMOs, soy, trans fats, nuts, cholesterol

Introducing Your New Favorite Snack

We’re taking the guilt out of snacking. Meet: Outstanding Puffs™, the plant-based snack that combines Addictively Delicious flavor and crunch you crave with all the nutritious ingredients you deserve. Boasting 21g of protein and 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

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Hit it off with Hella Hot & Nacho Cheese but want to leave Salt & Vinegar on read? Build your own box — all you have to do is pick your flavor, choose your quantity, add to cart and you've got yourself a plant-based match made in Pigless Pork Rind heaven.

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Build Your Own

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Looking to spice up your life? We're your type. Pick your seasoning, choose your quantity, add to cart and make everything taste like bacon.

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What Outstanding Foodies are saying

These pigless pork rinds are officially one of my favorite snacks of all time! The Hella Hot and Nacho Cheese flavors are my favorite. Get you some vegan goodness baybeh! Also they are high in protein. 🤓😁🤯
I bought the variety pack and let me tell you, every flavor is BOMB!!
They're awesome! 👍🏻 But honestly, they don't taste like regular pork rinds. At least, what I remember of them.They're way more flavorful! And also less dry.
These are fantastic. My daughter is a vegetarian so I bought these. Everyone loves these!
Hello! Just wanted to DM and say thank you for creating such awesome products! I’m vegan and having such delicious options available is beyond amazing!! Thank you guys so much! I’m obsessed with everything❣️
Ordered the variety pack. Never had a real pork rind but these are delicious. Would most definitely order them again.
I can not express how much I love these snacks! Every flavor is fantastic! I still can’t get a bag to be more than one serving!!! ;)
Outstanding Puffs

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