We Didn’t Name It Mediocre Foods

Outstanding Foods is the next generation food company for every generation. What makes us Outstanding?  Addictively Delicious, Highly Nutritious & plant-based with the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Being outstanding means being healthier without sacrifice, always being happy with who we are while striving to be better, and having lots of laughs and fun. Let’s be Outstanding together!

The Outstanding mission

We make it easy for everyone to eat the foods they love with the nutrients they need. All our products are Addictively Delicious and Highly Nutritious so you can love the taste and experience of food and feel Outstanding!
Chef Dave Anderson and Bill Glaser


Founded by iconic Chef Dave Anderson and serial entrepreneur and healthy living enthusiast Bill Glaser, Outstanding Foods has a passion for making it easy for you to eat the foods you love without the sketchy ingredients you don’t love. It’s our deep desire to bring about positive change one bite at a time and inspire people to live their most outstanding lives.


Our company is also deeply committed to serving the communities of our customers through volunteering and giving back. In our short lifespan, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of bags of our products to people and families in need and have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help lift up people to be more outstanding.