3 Sustainable Swaps You Can Make Today

We’ll be frank: The planet isn’t getting any younger, and the need to reduce, reuse, recycle, and make sustainable swaps is more important than ever. But how can you as one person make a difference? You could barely take care of the housewarming plant your mom got you during lockdown; saving the planet is beyond your skill set.

While global climate change is a problem we must take on together, you can be the change the world needs by making sustainable swaps right at home. Not only will you reduce your impact on the planet, but you’ll also save enough money to buy yourself a new (maybe fake?) plant so Mom never finds out you’re a plant murderer.

Check out these simple sustainable swaps that can help you cut out wasteful products and habits from your day-to-day life.

Don’t Replace, Reuse! 

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, over 300 million tons of plastics are made each year, a large portion of which end up in landfills across the globe. Think about how your apartment looks after a party and multiply all those plastic red cups by 7 billion people. Yeah, gross.

A few sustainable swaps can reduce your own plastic consumption and, as a result, the demand for new plastics.

— Replace your filtered water bottles with reusable aluminum or glass water bottles. Some reusable bottles even have options to infuse flavors from your favorite fruits for a fun addition to your sustainable swap. 

— Buy a refillable soap dispenser that can be replenished when empty. Or, to cut down on plastic even more, swap your liquid soap altogether for bars of soap at the sink and in the shower.

— Keep a stash of cotton bags in your car instead of asking for plastic bags at the store. Around 12 million barrels of oil are used to manufacture 30 million plastic bags each year, so cutting the demand for them really adds up over time (plus, cotton bags are way cuter anyway).

As you go about your day at home, consider each item you use and whether there’s an affordable sustainable swap for it. Instead of plastic Ziploc bags, can you afford silicone ones? Instead of disposable Swiffer pads, can you find washable ones? Decide what works for you — realistically, financially, and aesthetically.

Outstanding Foods is proud to be plastic neutral certified. This means we work alongside RePurpose Global to remove plastic waste from nature to offset our plastic footprint. RePurpose Global and its partners fuel innovation that supercharges saving our planet from a plastic-waste-filled future. 

Use Food to Save the Planet

It’s pretty crazy to think that the foods we eat every day affect the planet’s health as much as our own. With a few simple sustainable swaps, your food habits can make both your stomach and the planet happy.

Cutting down on animal consumption, or even removing it completely, has a huge impact on the environment. Animals require much more land and water use to raise compared to an alternative plant based diet. Plus, cutting down on the number of cow burps and farts in the world actually helps reduce greenhouse gasses.

Outstanding Foods 3 Sustainable Swaps You Can Make Today

 Outstanding Foods Puffs, Pig Out Crunchies, and Cheese Balls, for example, are all plant-based and dairy-free. In other words, no cow farts were needed in the production process and you can rest easy knowing you’re eating snacks that are good for both you AND the planet. 

Consider also starting your own at-home compost instead of throwing your leftovers into the trash. Ideally, try to reduce or eliminate your food waste — but we know that isn’t always realistic. Compost creates nutrient-rich soil for your garden, and a healthy garden produces fruits and veggies you’d otherwise have to buy at the store.

Remember that changes take time. Start with the sustainable swaps you can see yourself maintaining (if you aren’t already plant-based, maybe cut out meat once a week, for example), and then gradually transition to more ambitious changes (whether that’s working toward an entirely plant-based diet or starting your own compost system).

Choose Sustainable Swaps With Local Impact

Many locally owned shops and stores produce more of their products locally, which cuts down on the energy needed for shipping and manufacturing. Scope out the local businesses in your area by attending farmers markets and other vendor shows. You’d be surprised how much you can source locally.

Next time you need something new, see if you can first find it secondhand. If not, maybe a local shop carries it. One-day shipping from international companies like Amazon are great when you can’t find what you need, but you can support your local economy AND the environment by opting for local sustainable swaps.

Finding sustainable swaps to reduce your environmental impact can be hard work. Start by fueling up with nutritious, eco-friendly snacks. Find Outstanding Foods snacks in stores near you.