How to Pack Your Plant-Based Smoothies With Protein

Plant-based smoothies are fantastic snacks for making real gains around your healthy lifestyle goals. And whey protein is arguably the most mainstream way to boost your protein intake in smoothies. However, as it’s derived from milk, and so whey doesn’t have a place in a plant-based person’s diet.

So what alternatives can boost your protein intake in your favorite smoothies and leave you full throughout the day? You may have to find some new… WHEYS to think outside of the box. (We’ll see ourselves out…)

Check out our favorite ingredients for healthy plant-based smoothies, as well as our top recipes that will fill you up and leave you feeling great! 

Protein-Rich Ingredients for Plant-Based Smoothies

For the best plant-based smoothies, your focus should be on the protein. According to Healthline, protein plays a pivotal role in a number of key body processes and helps keep you full. Add these protein-rich ingredients to your next plant-based smoothies and watch your energy skyrocket.

— Nuts. Almonds, peanuts, and cashews are great smoothie additions as they all contain healthy amounts of protein. Add blended or chopped nuts, or (even better) toss in a spoonful of your favorite nut butter, to boost the protein in your plant-based smoothies.

— Super seeds
. These tiny powerhouses contain all the minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients your body needs. Hemp seeds, especially, knock it out of the park with 10 grams of protein per ounce, but pumpkin and chia seeds are also great options.

— Soy milk
. Soy milk has a TON of protein per cup compared to other non-dairy options and can be a key ingredient in a number of smoothies. This plant-based alternative has nearly the same protein as cow's milk but less fat and fewer calories.

Of course, protein isn’t the only nutrient you need for a balanced diet, plant-based or otherwise. The best plant-based smoothies contain a healthy mix of macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients

3 Protein-Packed Plant-Based Smoothies

Armed with your protein-packed smoothie ingredients, you’re ready to build the energy-boosting, plant-based smoothie to end all smoothies. Here are three to start with.

Satisfying Spinach Smoothie 

A Couple Cooks’ smoothie recipe incorporates all the healthy benefits of a spinach smoothie that works great with cashew nuts.

Outstanding Foods How to Pack Your Plant-Based Smoothies With Protein

The recipe cuts out the bitter spinach taste and showcases both sweet and tart flavors through the green apple and maple syrup that are sure to thrill your taste buds while leaving you full and fueled up throughout the day. 

Blueberry, Avocado & Banana Bliss

Avocados are  great protein boosters for plant based smoothies! Well Plated’s recipe for an omega-3-packed smoothie hides your creamy avocado coloring behind that sweet blue hue that only blueberries can bring. 

Well Plated opted for almond butter in their recipe, but you can definitely try variations with other nutty butters to suit your taste. For the added protein boost, their suggestion of mixing in chia seeds will help push this already filling smoothie into meal-replacement territory.

Soy Sweet Cocoa Banana Smoothie

For an original take on a sweet treat plant based smoothie that could easily become your new go-to midday treat, give this recipe a try!

— 1 banana
— ½ cup soy milk
— 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
— 1 tbsp chia, flax, or hemp seeds
— 1 tbsp maple syrupIce (added to preference)

Slice your banana and freeze until it becomes firm. Evenly blend your soy milk, cocoa powder, seeds, and maple syrup. Add ice until it reaches your preferred consistency, remembering that as you add more ice, the smoothie thickens. Keep the blender on and add your frozen banana until it blends completely. Finally, enjoy!

Healthy Alternatives to Plant-Based Smoothies

The best part of smoothies is how versatile they are and how easy it is to trick yourself (or your kids) into getting all your daily recommended intakes of everything in one glass.

Alas, we can’t survive solely off plant-based smoothies (...can we?). For those days you don’t have the energy to pull the blender out of its hiding spot in the cabinet, it’s a good idea to stock your shelves with equally healthy plant-based alternatives.

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