4 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Statistics show that 97% of people have reported snacking throughout the day. Some replace meals with snacking, while others use it as fuel to get through the work day – and others, still, simply use snacking as a distraction or way to take a break from work (no shame, we do it too!). 

So, how can changing how you snack lead to weight loss? And what snacks should you pick to reach your healthy goals?

A trip to the grocery store in search of healthy snacks for weight loss can be overwhelming. An abundance of brands claim to have “the best thing” for you, but how do you separate the empty promises from the factual claims? Doing your research and knowing what to look for can make the experience smoother for you.

Keep reading to learn more about healthy snacks for weight loss and how you can take action for your health today. 

Choose Low-Glycemic Fruit

Fruit is known for its high fiber and low caloric value. In addition to its convenience, fruit in place of salty or highly processed snacks can give you the healthy boost you need when you feel that mid-day energy crash. 

It is important to choose fruit with a high fiber content and low glycemic index (GI), as low-GI fruits reduce blood sugar levels and help with weight loss, according to Healthline.

If you don’t like eating raw fruit, try blending it into smoothies. Smoothies are great healthy snacks for weight loss because they allow you to mix in your favorite fruits and experiment with new flavors. They’re also a more convenient on-the-go snack alternative to a bowl of mixed berries.

Discover Plant-Based Snacks 

A new way to eat healthy has emerged in recent years with the introduction of plant-based foods and snacks. Eating plant-based foods can help to improve your gut health by reducing inflammation, thereby ensuring more nutrients are absorbed into your body.

Our PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds and Outstanding Puffs are addictively delicious and flavorful healthy snacks for weight loss, with 25 grams and 21 grams, respectively, of plant-based protein.

Double Down on Vegetables

Vegetables are popular healthy snacks for weight loss and likely the first food that came to mind on your journey to healthier eating. A majority of vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories if consumed raw or without seasoning. 

Outstanding Foods 4 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

While brussel sprouts tend to be some of the least desirable vegetables, they can actually be the most beneficial for your health. They’re packed full of vitamins but carry no calories or fat. They are also filling to eat and are healthy snacks for weight loss that will keep you satisfied for hours.

Like fruit, there are many creative ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet. Commonly, salad is an easy, versatile way to get your veggies, but remember that as far as healthy snacks for weight loss go, the calories in certain dressings might impact your goals.

Keep in mind that your daily recommended veggie intake is based on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity. You may find it helpful to get an idea of how many servings you need and then meal prep once a week to ensure you’re getting enough.

Hydrate With Healthy Drinks

Drinking the right fluids can lead to weight loss in a few ways. Often, we mistake dehydration for hunger, so fluids can take the place of snacks at certain points during the day and help mitigate your hunger.

Avoiding sugary drinks and replacing them with water or other healthy drinks can be the big lifestyle change your body needs to accelerate weight loss.

Healthy snacks can become a long-term habit for sustained weight loss. Updating your grocery list to include healthy snacks for weight loss can eliminate the unhealthy options from your pantry and create an abundance of new, healthy options to choose from. 

By making this one small change and investing in healthy snacks for weight loss, you can give back to your health and improve your overall lifestyle.

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