5 Sustainable Vegan Snacks

Most people who opt for a vegan diet do so for one of two reasons (or both): to cultivate healthier eating habits or to have a positive impact on the planet. Both reasons are equally important.

Fortunately, there are many options for vegan snacks that will help you work toward both goals. But, especially if you’re new to veganism, you might not know where to find those options. 

\For your vegan snacks to have the greatest positive impact possible, it’s important to ensure they are both healthy and environmentally friendly. That means you’ll need to pay attention not only to what’s in your snacks but also where they come from and even how they’re packaged.

Here are some ideas for sustainable vegan snacks to get you started stocking your pantry. 

What Is a Sustainable Vegan Snack?

Before we get into specific sustainable vegan snacks, let’s talk about what makes a snack both sustainable and vegan in the first place. 

When it comes to environmental impact, the term “sustainable” refers to products and practices that are intended to last for a long time, reduce negative effects on the environment, and minimize waste. 

Not all sustainable foods are vegan, and not all vegan foods are sustainable. But studies have shown that switching to a vegan diet can help protect against climate change as well as improve one’s personal health. 

More than just choosing foods that are organic, choosing sustainable foods means looking at the whole picture of what happens to that food and its packaging, from production to disposal. So choosing vegan snacks that are sustainable means choosing vegan snacks that have as little negative environmental impact as possible. 

5 Sustainable Vegan Snacks to Try

Ready to dive in? Here are five ideas for vegan snacks to get you started. 

Fair trade vegan chocolate. Yes, vegan chocolate exists — and yes, it can be purchased sustainably! By purchasing fair trade chocolate (and other fair trade products), you not only support positive environmental impacts, but you also support ethical working conditions and fair wages for the people who produce those goods. 

Locally-sourced fruits and veggies. Shopping locally is a great sustainability practice in general, as it directly supports your community. What’s more, buying from local farmers often makes it easier to know exactly what kind of processes the foods you purchase have gone through before arriving at your table. 

Further, most local groceries or farmers markets carry produce that isn’t wrapped in excess packaging like plastic and cardboard. Bring a tote bag!

Outstanding Foods: 5 Sustainable Vegan Snacks

Pop your own popcorn. Another easy way to shop more sustainably is simply to buy in bulk, reducing the amount of packaging you bring into your home in the first place. And it’s relatively easy to do that with popcorn. Ditch the microwaveable bags (they’re usually dripping with butter anyway!), and buy bulk bags of kernels to pop yourself. 

Baked goods. If you have the time and interest, try purchasing sustainably-sourced ingredients to bake your own vegan snacks. You’ll cut down on a ton of that packaging, you’ll be able to control everything that goes into your snacks, and you just might discover a new favorite hobby!

Buy Outstanding Puffs. We get it — not everyone has the time to bake. Plus, sometimes you just crave the taste and crunch of junk food. That’s why we made a healthy option — one that’ll trick your taste buds into thinking it’s junk (but it’s not).

Our Outstanding Puffs are a delicious vegan snack that also happens to be packed with important nutrients like protein and minerals. And at Outstanding Foods, the company that makes Outstanding Puffs, we’re passionate about the impact our products have on the planet we all share.

We All Play a Part

Even with something as simple as choosing sustainable vegan snacks over unsustainable alternatives, we can all help to care for the world around us while taking good care of our own bodies at the same time. 

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