Eight Egg-stra Amazing Egg Substitutes

When you’re taking a look at new baking recipes and trying to incorporate your plant based approach towards healthy eating, then you’re likely seeing one common ingredient: eggs. How do you find a suitable replacement for this pivotal ingredient?

This is when egg-cellent egg substitutes come in! Read on in this egg substitute guide so that you can hatch some amazing plant-based baking masterpieces!

Egg Substitute Qualities 

So, what makes a good egg substitute “good” — and what purpose do eggs have in most recipes? Here are a few roles that egg substitutes and their shelled counterparts contribute to your baking adventures.


The protein in eggs (and in a suitable egg substitute) helps to bind recipes that would tend to crumble without the firmness added when these proteins are cooked.


When beaten or blended into a baked good, those same binding proteins firm up and help recipes rise that otherwise wouldn’t when baked.


If you’ve ever had a cake that crumbled instead of melting in your mouth, it may have been lacking in moisture. Proper moisture can be provided by the addition of (you guessed it!) an egg yolk or a good egg substitute.

Flavor and Appearance

Eggs add subtle but pivotal flavor and appearance components to your baked delights; a good egg substitute should do the same. While many people value flavor over appearance, how an item looks is often a big factor in how taste is experienced. 

Now that you know the role eggs play in so many recipes, let’s get into some of the best options for an egg substitute. 

Binding Egg Substitutes 

Replacing the binding properties that eggs usually contribute to your recipe without altering the final product can be a challenge. If you’re looking for a great binding protein for your recipe, give these a try. 

½ Mashed Banana = 1 Egg

The mashed up banana acts as a great natural binding element in baking and makes an excellent pancake batter binder.

¼ Cup Applesauce = 1 Egg

Similar to bananas, the mashed up quality of applesauce can be a fantastic binding agent in baking recipes. The final product sheds the apple flavor in baking so you’re able to have a firm, moist, flavorful treat — without the eggs!

Sweet Treats & Egg Substitutes 

Using an egg substitute can add in some fun new ways to spice up recipes even beyond replacing eggs. These substitutes bring options to add in new flavors and some all natural sweetness to your recipes.

¼ cup Plant-Based Yogurt = 1 Egg

Dairy-free, plant-based yogurt can be an ideal egg substitute for cakes, muffins, and cupcakes! The added smoothness can make your recipe come out rich and moist, but be aware that the final product will be heavier!

Outstanding Foods: Eight Egg-stra Amazing Egg Substitutes

¼ Cup Fruit Puree = 1 Egg

Experimenting with different fruits can add a sweet twist to a recipe but keep proper moisture and binding effects. 

Look-Alike Egg Substitutes

Sometimes a recipe calls for an egg because of the texture it adds to your baked goods. These two substitutes can help you reach the look you want.   

Xanthan gum

A little goes a long way with this naturally-based white powder. Mix up ¼ tbsp. xanthan gum with ¼ cup of water to substitute one egg. This can be a great thickening and binding agent for muffins, breads, and other similar recipes.

Meringue Powder

Mix up 2 tablespoons of meringue powder with 2 tablespoons of water to make a one egg equivalent. Meringue powder is a fantastically light and fluffy egg substitute that contains a small amount of sugar; it will add extra sweetness to your treat.  

Other Excellent Egg Substitutes

For even more ways to put a new look on a normally egg-based recipe, try out these substitutes — they’ll pack even more healthy benefits into your baked goods!


For muffins and cookies, grind up 1 tbsp. of flax seed with 3 tbsp. of water to replace one egg. Allow the mixture to set for 20 minutes, and voila: You’ve got non-egg magic for a nutty take on your recipe (that’s now high in omega 3 fatty acids).

¼ Cup of Pureed Avocado = 1 Egg

Avocado is another fantastic egg substitute. It’s a great binding agent that keeps your recipe moist and rich.

These substitutes are just a handful of superfoods that may already be part of your plant-based diet. While experimenting with replacing eggs in recipes can feel like a big risk, don’t worry if you have to experiment with one egg substitute after another for a bit while you figure out what works for you and your tastes.

And when you’re out at the store picking up your favorite egg substitute (or trying out one of these suggestions), pick up some Outstanding Food healthy snacks to enjoy while you bake up your next masterpiece! They’re the perfect munchy accompaniment to any baking adventure. 

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