Gluten-Free Snacks You’ll Enjoy Eating

The truth is out about gluten, and millions of people worldwide are finally recognizing that it has no place in their daily diet. Some folks have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, prohibiting them from any type of gluten exposure, while others just find that they feel better without it.

If you have a tricky relationship with gluten and think it’s time to leave it behind, we don’t blame you. It can leave you feeling sluggish and even cause flare-ups on the skin and inflammation in the body.

But while there are tons of great gluten-free meal options out there, snacking is a different story. During those afternoon hours when hunger kicks in, you want something to munch on that satisfies your cravings but doesn’t come with the many downsides of gluten.

It’s not easy to find great snacks that are certified gluten-free, but we’re here to help. Let’s go through a full-on list of tasty snacks that will help you stick to the gluten-free lifestyle and help you reach any broader health and fitness goals on your agenda.

What Snacks Are Off-Limits?

Before we dive into the many delish gluten-free snack options available to you, it’s worth listing a few snacks that you’ll want to avoid moving forward.

Unfortunately, some of the classic snacks in your cabinet will need to be tossed or donated right off the bat. These include pretzels, wheat-based crackers (like saltines and flour tortilla chips), and most snack mixes that rely on cereal as the main filler.

You’ll also need to get rid of granola bars that aren’t explicitly free of gluten, even if they contain other healthy ingredients.

It should go without saying, but muffins, cinnamon rolls, and mini-bagels in your pantry will not make the cut, either. It’s not just the gluten that’s a health concern with these items – unhealthy fats and sugar are more reason to let them go.

Many of us also reach for sliced bread, pita pockets, or wheat wraps when preparing snacks to take on the go. These are almost always loaded with gluten, meaning you’ll need another way to transport your meat, cheese, and veggies. We’ll touch on some alternatives in a bit.  

Finally, you may need to say goodbye to some of the condiments you keep in your fridge that you use during snack time. Most ketchups and barbeque sauces contain high concentrations of gluten, and so do many salad dressings—yeah, we were surprised, too. You can replace these with decent gluten-free sauces, so be on the lookout next time you hit the store.

Whether you decide to slowly cut down on your gluten intake over time or go cold-turkey, congratulate yourself for making a healthy life change and enjoy the many benefits to come.

Gluten-Free (But Not Exactly Healthy)

Getting rid of gluten is a great step in the right direction, but you don’t need to get rid of all your “junk food” right away. Many snacks fall into this category that don’t contain gluten, so you can still indulge a bit while sticking to your goals.

Potato-Based Snacks

For example, potato chips are a classic snack food that is completely gluten-free! No, it’s not the healthiest option out there, but if kicking gluten is your priority, you can let it slide. Just make sure there are no seasonings or flavors that add gluten to the ingredients list.

French fries are in the same category since they come from potatoes, and no gluten is involved (unless they have breading or batter).


Popcorn is another old-school favorite that you can enjoy on movie night without letting gluten ruin the show. Add a bit of spicy, salty, or sweet seasoning, and this is a very versatile snack that doesn’t contain excessive calories.

Pack on the Protein

If you’re a meat-eater, you’ve got limitless options for quick and easy snacks, from turkey and cheese roll-ups to hard-boiled eggs and beef jerky. The jury is still out on whether these foods are truly healthy, but it’s always smart to minimize risk by sticking with preservative-free proteins and avoiding additives.

You can also find a huge range of grocery store snacks that have the gluten-free label but aren’t aligned with other health goals you may have. Be sure to watch for sodium levels, sugars, preservatives, and other red flags on the nutritional panel.

Great Vegetarian Options

There is quite a bit of overlap between people who lead gluten-free lifestyles and those who choose to eat plant-based food products. Many vegetarians and vegans find that they get even more health benefits by avoiding gluten, and their snack options are still plentiful.

Veggies and Hummus, Tzatziki, or Tahini

Raw veggies make for great snacks that deliver a satisfying crunch, including celery, carrots, cucumbers, and snap peas. If those sound a bit boring on their own, you can always dip them in a healthy sauce like hummus (made from garlic and chickpeas) or tzatziki, which is a salted, strained yogurt with lemon juice.

Tahini is another classic Middle Eastern condiment that works great with fresh-cut veggies, and you can create a lot of unique sauces with this ingredient as well.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruit is a healthy and satiating snack that won’t break your gluten-free commitment, so start slicing up those apples and peeling oranges when hunger kicks in. Bananas are known for their quick-absorbing nutrients, and you can add some peanut butter to create a hearty snack for lasting energy.

Dairy-Based Options

Depending on your relationship with dairy products, you may want to stock up on yogurt or cottage cheese for an easy-access snack whenever you need a protein boost. Mixed with a bit of fruit, you’ve got a quick dish that delivers big on quality calories.

Nuts and Seeds

Of course, keep a stash of nuts and seeds in your cupboard for a blast of healthy fat and protein whenever you need it. This will help you stay strong both mentally and physically.

Something for the Sweet-Tooth

Saying goodbye to pastries is one of the toughest parts of the gluten-free transition for many people, but there are plenty of sweet treats that have no gluten and still satisfy. 

Dark chocolate is the first thing that comes to mind, and you can find vegan versions that don’t contain dairy.

Dried fruit is another option that packs plenty of flavor and texture with extra micronutrients and fiber. The sugar content may be a bit high, but dried pineapple, apricot, or coconut will serve you well when you need a late-night snack. They also work perfectly in gluten-free trail mix.

Want to take a trip back to the 90s with some sweet nostalgia? Jell-O products and DIY pudding are usually gluten-free and can be made in a flash. They may not offer gourmet flavors, but they’re fun and useful in a pinch. Just keep in mind that these are not always vegan options. 

It’s also worth looking into almond-flour pastries if you need to recreate some of your bakery favorites. Macarons, friands, and even tasty brownie recipes can be achieved with almond flour, so find a local shop that bakes these treats or learn to make them yourself.

Many classic candies are gluten-free as well, including mints, butterscotch, and lollipops. They’re not just for kids! They may help you out on your health and fitness journey.

Classic Snacks Made Gluten-Free

We’ve offered a ton of excellent gluten-free snack options, but you might feel like something is missing from the list. Those crunchy, flavor-packed snacks are hard to replace when you make the switch to gluten-free, and many store-bought products just don’t do the trick.

Plenty of standard gluten-free snacks also leave a lot to be desired. Some have too much salt, some have too much sugar, and very few of them have any protein or nutrients that do the body much good.

That’s why we took matters into our own hands, creating the ultimate gluten-free snack foods that taste amazing and check all the boxes for nutrition and dietary limitations.

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They said it couldn’t be done, but we achieved something great with these gluten-free snacks. Read our glowing customer reviews and check out our mission statement to see what inspired us to make these groundbreaking products.


Going gluten-free is no small feat, so give yourself some credit! These suggestions will help you live your new and healthy lifestyle without worry, and there are plenty of exciting gluten-free snacks launching all the time. Be on the lookout, and good luck!