Healthy Gifts for the Different Personalities in Your Life

As much as we love the holidays, shopping can quickly become a real headache! You want to find thoughtful gifts that cater to the needs and desires of each friend and family member, but no one wants to straight up tell you what they want. Don’t worry — there’s a perfect gift out there for everyone if you know where to look.

Instead of stressing about gifts, you can spend your time focusing on the important things — like what you’re going to tell Grandma when she asks you, for the 30th time, why you’re still single.

Here are the best health-conscious gifts to get for all the different personalities in your life this holiday.

The Perfect Gifts for Your Family

Is it just us or is family really hard to shop for? Stop stressing over what to get mom and dad and just accept that you’ll never top the macaroni masterpiece you made them in the first grade. Instead, consider the following healthy gifts for your family.

— For your dad who falls asleep every time he sits down. If he’s always tired, it’s probably because he isn’t getting enough sleep. Brilliant deduction, right? Try hooking Pops up with a nifty sleep-tracking device. It’ll help him figure out how to get high-quality Zs.

— For your mom who says she doesn’t want anything. Maybe your mom has developed a habit of pretending she doesn’t want anything — trust us, though, she does. You’ll be in deep sh** if you show up empty-handed, so get her a membership to her favorite spa to help her unwind from the holiday stress.

— For your brother who spends all day at the gym getting “swole.” Your bro probably needs a new blender bottle. Those things get pretty nasty after a while, so chances are his old one smells like it’s ready to grow legs and walk away. He’ll thank you, and so will everyone else at his gym!

Outstanding Foods Healthy Gifts for the Different Personalities in Your Life

— For the aunt you don’t really know anything about.
An edible arrangement is a safe bet for someone you barely know. Plus, of all the healthy gifts you could give someone, fruit has the broadest appeal. Just make sure she’s not allergic to anything — nothing ruins the holidays like a trip to the ER!

The Perfect Gifts for Your Friends

Your friends have come a long way from their college days of surviving off energy drinks, microwaveable noodles, and two hours of sleep. Celebrate their newfound adulthood with these healthy gifts:

— For your friend who somehow always finds a way to bring up the marathon they ran. All that bragging will make them thirsty. Get them healthy gifts that will help them rehydrate, like electrolyte powders and a fancy insulated water bottle.

— For your friend who is super type-A. We all know that one person who’s destined to be a billionaire. Focus on healthy gifts that will help them destress. For instance, a subscription to a meditation app like Headspace might lower their sky-high blood pressure.

— For the gamer who hasn’t been outside in three weeks. Sitting on your rear all day is just about the worst thing for you. Try getting your vegetating friend a pedometer to encourage him to emerge from his lair. You could even get one of your own and treat it like a competition.

A Healthy Gift for Yourself

Shopping for healthy gifts is hungry work. There’s no better way to fuel yourself for the rigors of holiday shopping than with a healthy snack, so gift yourself some Outstanding Foods.

Our Pig Out Crunchies and dairy-free Cheese Balls are plant-based, tasty, and high in protein — in other words, 100% guilt-free! Plus, our variety packs make the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones. With flavors ranging from Hella Hot to Nacho Cheese, you’re bound to find something for every personality in your life.

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