20 Simple and Healthy Snacks for Work

We’ve all been there before – stuck at work again with nothing good to eat. Your energy dips, your focus wavers, and you might even get a little moody. Your coworkers should know by now not to mess with you when the hanger sets in!

Sure, there’s the vending machine right around the corner from your desk, literally staring you in the face. But you know deep down that those treats are not going to give you the quality, sustained energy you need to get through your workday. So what the heck are you supposed to eat?

A candy bar or soda might offer a quick sugar high, but the crash an hour later is never worth it. Plus, the cost adds up, and we’re trying to save our money for bougie brunches, thank you very much.

Instead of repeating this same old story over and over, it’s time you got your snack situation under control in the workplace.

With just a bit of planning, you will never be without nutritious, tasty snacks when you’re on the job. No more stomach grumbling, no more lost productivity, no more hangry outbursts when Ruth at the desk over won’t stop telling you about her grandkid’s spelling bee for the hundredth time! You want healthy fats, fiber, and grams on grams of protein to satisfy your hunger in a long-lasting and delicious way. 

Let’s talk about 20 simple and healthy snacks that work for work, starting now.

1. Trail Mix

You don’t need to be trekking through the wilderness to get the benefits of a hearty trail mix. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and other goodies will give you enough energy to power through any task that stands in your way.

Avoid the super-sugary trail mixes, however, because those extra calories can sneak up on you. That said, we’re not telling you that a bit of dark chocolate can’t be in the picture here—you do you, boo. Pick a low-calorie mix (or make one at home!) with all of the vitamins and nutrients, and none of the guilt.

2. Popcorn

Who doesn’t love heaping handfuls of popcorn, especially when you’ve got a long project to work on? Popcorn is a very underrated health food, provided you pick a product that isn’t overloaded with salt or sugar. Popcorn is a healthier way to grab a salty treat than, say, potato chips, but the supersized, butter-covered tub from the movies doesn’t count—sorry 'bout it.   

3. Veggies

Before you leave the house in the morning, chop up a little veggie medley to store in a plastic baggy for later. By the time your hungry strikes back a few hours after lunch, you’ve got carrots, celery, bell peppers, and broccoli florets to save the day. 

If this sounds bland, bet. We have a solution—a little hummus or dressing packet can give you something to dip into and up the flavor to the max.

4. Fruit

They call it nature’s candy for a good reason (we don’t know who said that, but we’re pretty sure that someone did). Fruit has healthy sugars that power your body and mind when the going gets tough at work. Slice up some different fruits or just chow an apple like a champ with one hand.

5. Yogurt

Take advantage of the refrigerator at your office or bring a cooler to your worksite on location. Yogurt is loaded with protein and comes in many tasty flavors. Just one serving has around 200 calories - the perfect amount of energy to keep you going without slowing you down.

Top it with some homemade granola or nuts for an extra crunch, and you’re basically a healthfood goddess.

6. Cottage Cheese

The underrated cousin of yogurt is cottage cheese, also known for its protein content and easy digestion. Some products come loaded with fruit like pineapple or blueberries if you don’t like the plain stuff. You can also add your own toppings to the mix.

7. Roasted Chickpeas

There isn’t much flavor happening in a typical can of chickpeas, but you can turn these little guys into a low-key amazing snack to take to work by spicing them up and roasting them in the oven.

If you like the savory crunch of popcorn, you’ll love roasted chickpeas. Check out some recipes online to see how it’s done and you’ll be feasting soon.

8. Energy Bars

9-to-5ers have had their fair share of energy bars, and some definitely taste better than others. There’s also a big range in the nutritional value of these bars, so you need to read those labels closely. You don’t want to be halfway through a box when you realize that maybe those ingredients aren’t the goldmine that you thought that they were. 

Try making energy bars at home so you can save some cash and know exactly what you’re getting in every serving.

9. Quick Oats

Oats are a magical ingredient that never gets the credit it deserves, although baked oatmeal is definitely having a moment right now. A pack of instant oatmeal can be ready to serve in just a couple of minutes, and give you sustained energy for hours.

Steer clear of the sugar-packed packets and opt for the all-natural oats if you can. Overnight oat recipes are also worth exploring, but we understand if you don’t want to bring a literal bowl of oatmeal to work.

10. Mixed Nuts

Cashews, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts - these are some of the most nutritionally dense natural foods that the planet has to offer, so why not take advantage of them when you need a work time snack?

Stick with the low-sodium nut mixes from the store or buy them in bulk one at a time to get a real steal. Just be careful with these bad boys—it’s a little too easy to look down and realize that you’ve eaten the entire container in one sitting. 

11. Sunflower Seeds

Okay, sunflower seeds might be better suited for the ballpark than the office, but if you don’t have to interface with customers or coworkers constantly in your daily routine, they make for a great snack and a way to keep the mouth busy. Just don’t go spitting the shells on the floor, guys.

Some are spicy, some are salty, some are a little sweet - find your favorite.

12. Roll-Ups

Few snacks make us nostalgic quite like roll-ups. A slice of deli meat, a sliver of cheese, and maybe a veggie in the middle for extra crunch. So tasty, healthy, and fun to eat—and you’ll feel like you’re in kindergarten, about to have naptime and do some finger painting. Ah, the good old days.

Rolling up a handful of these little creations in the morning is an easy routine that your future self will thank you for every time.

13. Cheese Bites

Trying to keep those carbs low but still need a solid snack to plow through the afternoon rush? Cheese might be the missing link in your snack arsenal. Sticks, slices, bite-sized-wheels - they come in so many forms, and all taste great.

Cheese is also very satiating, so you won’t be craving another snack five minutes later. It’s truly one of the great superfoods, so add it to your roster.

14. Jerky

For the meat-eaters out there, it’s hard to think of a better snack than jerky. It’s loaded with flavor, contains a ton of protein, and you have to put in a lot of work to chew it properly. It’s like a workout for your jaw!

Standard beef and venison jerky are the most popular for sure, but vegans and vegetarians are in luck, now that there are meatless options on the market. You can even learn to make your own at home if you’re feeling crafty.

15. Mini Sandwiches

These take a little more work to prepare, but they can come in handy when you’re working overtime and don’t want to pick up a full meal from a takeout spot. Plus, you’ll feel extra classy when you eat them—just don’t forget to put your pinky up! 

Just cut a sandwich into quarters so you only eat about 80 calories at a time. Wash it down with water, and your stomach will be happy for a while - at least until you finally get home and sit down to dinner. 

16. Smoothie

It’s a drink, it’s a snack, it’s everything your body wants, and it tastes great too (even if the green color looks a little unappetizing). You can quickly make a smoothie at work with just a scoop of protein powder and some water. Find a protein powder that agrees with your stomach (not all of them will), and it’s a no-brainer snack.

Alternatively, you can plan ahead and make a more complex smoothie with fresh fruit or veggies in the morning, then store it in a thermos to take to work. Keep it in the fridge and sip whenever you want.

17. Nut Butter

If you’ve been skipping the peanut butter or almond butter because you think it’s unhealthy, think again. As long as you only buy the organic version (with low salt and sugar), there are few things that make a better healthy snack! 

Spread some of this good stuff on some crackers to make tiny sandwiches and load them up in a baggy. Don’t let them overheat or they’ll get messy! Snack at any time and make sure you have some fresh water to balance the salt. 

18. Pork Rinds

This might seem like a weird pick to some of you, but pork rinds are a phenomenal snack food with plenty of protein, fat, and flavor.

They’re more popular than ever right now, so grab a bag the next time you’re at the store. 

19. Meat-Free Rinds 

Intrigued by the rise of pork rinds but not so keen on eating meat? *drumroll, please* Our Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds are a fabulous alternative for vegans and vegetarians who want to get in on the crunch.

They come in five fun flavors and feature a very impressive nutrition panel. We’re serious, you won’t even be mad if you realize that you ate the entire bag. And with this taste, you’re going to want to. 

20. Healthy Puffs

Just want to indulge in some flavor-packed puffs right out of the bag? Instead of overloading on empty calories, opt for our Outstanding Puffs, which are like a meal replacement, but they taste like a snack. 

That’s just how we do things at Outstanding Foods - delicious, healthy, guilt-free snacks for anywhere, at any time. 



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