14 Healthy Snacks for People Always on the Go

A snack is so much more than just a quick bite to eat. It’s a much-needed pause from the chaos of our daily lives, giving us a moment to catch our breath, get back down to earth, and enjoy something delicious while the world rushes by.

But like all foods, there’s a huge spectrum of health, nutrition, and taste when it comes to snacks.

Some are made up of quick and empty calories that we enjoy for a second but leave us unsatisfied and uncomfortable. Others are super healthy but lack the convenience factor that we need when running around with work and family responsibilities.

If you’re committed to staying healthy while battling hunger throughout the day, you need a repertoire of high-quality snacks that cover all your bases.

Here are 14 delicious snacks that travel well and give you the quick, clean energy you need to take on the world.

1. Fresh or Dried Fruit

Fruit is nature’s ultimate on-the-go snack: super portable and ready to eat in any situation. Apples, bananas, pears, mangos – they’re all bursting with flavor and loaded with nutrients like vitamin C. Plus, the fiber content will keep you full and satisfied.

If you can’t get fresh fruit all the time, simply stock up on dried fruit and create a mix of your own.

Dried fruit is a bit higher in sugar, so don’t go overdo it, but it can help you out of a jam and is always a better idea than candy bars or gummy bears.

2. Fresh Veggies and Dip

You might be used to roasting or steaming your veggies when making your evening meal, but many vegetables taste great with zero preparation whatsoever.

Learn to quickly chop and slice a veggie medley in the morning, load up portions into baggies, and stash them in your bag for easy access.

Cucumber slices, celery sticks, baby carrots, and bell pepper slivers are all great options and deliver a ton of health benefits as well. They may not be big on flavor, so do yourself a favor and pack a small packet of low-cal dressing or hummus for dipping on the go.

3. Roasted Chickpeas

Crack open a can of chickpeas, and you may not be instantly inspired, but you can turn those boring garbanzo beans into something way more appealing by seasoning and roasting ahead of time.

Pick a mix of spices, get them nice and crispy in the oven, and you’ve got an instant classic snack to travel with.

Despite their bland appearance, chickpeas contain tons of protein, healthy starch, and a bit of fat to keep you energized. When roasted, they deliver a satisfying crunch and will soon be your new favorite snack. Give them a shot!

4. Granola and Trail Mix

Good old-fashioned granola is a classic healthy snack that you can trust to get you through a long workday or playtime with the kids. It’s nourishing, natural, and satisfies those cravings for crunch. You can even make your own at home if the store-bought stuff is too sugary or pricey.

Add some nuts, seeds, or dried fruit to your granola, and you have a marvelous trail mix within minutes! You can even include some dark chocolate bits if you’re feeling indulgent. If you have a bowl, a spoon, and milk within reach, it turns into a tasty cereal snack on the fly.

5. Mini Wraps and Spring Rolls

Meat eaters know that nothing satisfies quite like turkey or roast beef, so be sure to stock up on deli cuts and prepare some mini roll-ups in the morning as part of your daily routine. Use Swiss cheese to add some texture and maybe some veggies for crunch. There are also bite-size wheat wraps available to bulk things up.

If you’re trying to keep things plant-based and low-carb, lettuce wraps make for a great alternative. They are surprisingly tasty and won’t weigh you down. These snacks require a bit more work upfront, but they’re totally worth the effort.

6. Quick Protein Shakes

You don’t have to be a fitness expert to benefit from protein shakes. They’re so easy to prepare, and all you need is a splash of water or milk to turn that powder into a viable meal replacement. Find a protein that fits your needs (whey or plant-based) and load a scoop into an empty shaker before you hit the road.

When cravings kick in, you can prepare a delicious and healthy shake in a matter of seconds. That’s more than 20 grams of quality protein done fast and easy.

7. Nutrient-Packed Smoothies

If you have a bit more time on your hands, you can take your shakes to the next level with a blender and some extra ingredients. Throw in some spinach, fresh fruit, protein powder, some peanut butter, and almond milk, then blend it all up for an amazing smoothie.

This can be done quickly at home before you head out the door, and a thermos is all you need to keep it fresh and cool for hours. Just be sure to wash it out when you’re finished to avoid some undesirable odors!

8. Homemade Energy Bars

We’ve all had mixed experiences with store-bought energy bars. Some are too chewy, some are too brittle, and they’re all a bit overpriced. A great alternative is to bake your own energy bars at home by following a simple process with fewer than ten ingredients.

You can find great recipes across the web and take advantage of the cost and convenience advantages immediately. Experiment with stuff like almonds, cacao powder, dates, chia seeds, and other superfoods to see what formula works best for your needs.

Once you bake your own bars, you can’t go back to the pre-packed versions.

9. Instant Oatmeal

Stuck at work and have access to some basic utensils and microwave? Stuff your desk drawer with instant oatmeal packets so that you always have a burst of nutrition at the ready.

Watch out for the sugar bomb varieties at the grocery store and stick with the organic types that offer sustained energy. Plan ahead with some fresh berries, and you’ve got an epic snack within minutes.

10. Peanut Butter and Crackers

There are few foods on the planet denser in nutrients than all-natural peanut butter. It’s gooey, salty, nutty, and super satisfying. Scoop some into a tightly sealed container before you leave for work and pack a few healthy crackers for instant dipping action.

Steer clear of the sugary peanut butter and starchy crackers and stick with the healthy options instead.

11. Greek Yogurt Cups

Yogurt is good at any time of day – morning, afternoon, and night. It’s tangy, hearty, and works well with almost any topping you can imagine. Greek yogurt is the most protein-packed, so be sure to avoid the sugar-loaded alternatives.

It should go without saying, but this snack needs refrigeration ASAP!

12. Mixed Roasted Nuts

Don’t think we were going to go through this entire list without mentioning this glorious natural source of protein and healthy fat! Walnuts, almonds, and cashews are a true nutritional powerhouse when combined. Peanuts might not pack the same punch, but still taste great and add some variety to the mix.

Just tread carefully when buying roasted nuts at the store – many packaged products contain an excess of salt, with hidden sugar and other additives as well. Look for the most basic, organic varieties of mixed nuts, and you’ve got a reliable, healthy snack to take with you anywhere.

13. Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds

Do you love the crunch and flavor of pork rinds but find yourself skeptical of the sodium and fat content? We’ve recreated the classic pork rind taste and texture with 100% plant-based ingredients, loaded with protein and no unwanted extras.

What other snack delivers 25 grams of quality protein while being totally vegan and gluten-free?

These Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds are in stores now, or you can order online to have a grab-bag of awesome flavors delivered to your door.

14. Outstanding Puffs

That bag of cheese puffs in the vending machine might look tempting, but they’re going to let you down on nutrition every time. Our Outstanding Puffs are a healthy, hearty alternative that doesn’t compromise on flavor or quality.

This is a plant-based snack that anyone can enjoy, vegan or otherwise. So much protein, so many vitamins and minerals, and tons of epic flavors you’ll never forget. These puffs are going to revolutionize your snack time and make everything else pale in comparison!

Want to know how we do it? Find out more about Outstanding Foods here.


Great snacks are easy to find and prepare if you just know where to look! Follow these tips, and you’ll never be without healthy, tasty snacks whenever you leave the house.



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