Healthy Sweet Snacks in Your Favorite Fall Flavors

It’s the season of pumpkin spice! Some people rejoice, while others roll their eyes and opt for something a little less “basic.” Regardless of where you fall on the PSL enjoyment scale, your favorite fall-flavored healthy sweet snacks (okay, more like not-so-healthy snacks) are probably calling your name as we speak.

But let’s face it: Even for pumpkin enthusiasts, fall can be a depressing time of year. Leaves die, daylight doesn’t stick around as long, and temperatures and energy levels drop. Holiday candy and feasting tempt you to fall (see what we did there?) into unhealthy habits. 

Our solution? Stock your pantry with healthy sweet snacks that keep your energy up and make you feel good about yourself. Will they calm the existential dread of another year passing? No. But, at least they’ll give you something more pleasant to focus on. 

Here are some ideas for easy, healthy sweet snacks in all of the best fall flavors. 

For the Pumpkin Lovers

Let’s start with the obvious: pumpkin. For some, the season of fall is synonymous with putting pumpkin into literally everything. If that’s you, try some of these healthy sweet snacks that pay homage to the almighty pumpkin:

— Pumpkin spice chia pudding: Chia pudding can be as easy to make as soaking chia seeds in your non-dairy milk of choice, and it’s also an outstanding source of healthy fats. With such simple core ingredients, it’s practically begging for a pumpkin spice upgrade.

For that special pumpkin spice magic, just grab a container of pumpkin spice seasoning at your local grocery store! Then, sprinkle (everywhere) as desired. Yup, it’s that easy.

— Pumpkin energy balls: Once again, this year-round energizing snack has plenty of room for adding pumpkin and fall spices. Make your energy balls as usual, but this time, try adding in some pumpkin puree and spice!

— Pumpkin spice (dairy-free) latte: Yes, you can kick the Starbucks addiction and still enjoy all the pumpkin spice lattes your heart desires. And when you make your own dairy-free version at home, you know exactly what you’re putting into it — A.K.A. less flavored syrup and more healthy pumpkin.

Don’t let the haters bring you down — go forth and enjoy those healthy pumpkin treats guilt-free!

Spice It Up

Sick of the annual pumpkin craze? We hear you. But there’s no need to throw out the spices with the pumpkin puree! Delicious, healthy sweet snacks can still be fall-flavored sans pumpkin. 

Try some of these spiced favorites featuring cinnamon and ginger:

— Pan-fried cinnamon bananas: This snack is tasty, comforting, and ready in minutes. Simply coat banana slices in cinnamon and a little sugar or natural sweetener, and fry in a pan with a bit of oil. For the healthiest results, keep the sugar and oil to a minimum.

— Dairy-free cinnamon rolls:
Yes, even this notoriously unhealthy treat can be made with healthy plant-based ingredients! This cinnamon roll recipe gives you all the substitutions for extra nutrients, and it takes less than two hours to prepare (including one hour of rest time).

— Golden turmeric latte:
Take advantage of the many health benefits of turmeric with this warm drink. The basic components are turmeric and any milk of choice (including plant-based milk), but don’t be afraid to add fall spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Outstanding Foods: Healthy Sweet Snacks in Your Favorite Fall Flavors

Don’t stop with just these ideas, though. Chances are good that if a snack is sweet (or even if it’s not!), a little spice will take it to the next level. 

Neither Pumpkin nor Sweet

There’s always someone who doesn’t like to play by the rules. And honestly, we love a rebel. So here are some healthy, filling snack ideas that don’t necessarily classify as sweet or fall-flavored:

— Avocado toast: Just because you don’t get on the pumpkin spice bandwagon doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other popular snacks. Stick to the basic form of toast with just avocado, or pile on your favorite healthy extras.

— Hummus quesadillas: Some may argue that a quesadilla must contain cheese to be valid. They’d be wrong. (We’re not kidding — Google it if you don’t believe us.) Fill your tortillas with hummus, veggies, and spices for a quick snack or even a light meal. 

— Non-dairy cheese balls: Speaking of snacks that don’t need cheese to be the real deal, Outstanding Cheese Balls make for an easy snack that’s both healthy and nostalgic. And if you’re feeling extra rebellious, try one of the less “traditional” flavors like Bacon Chedda (no pork or dairy involved!). 

Even if you do enjoy fall-flavored healthy sweet snacks, adding a few non-sweet options to the rotation can help keep you from getting bored. 

Healthy Sweet Snacks for All Seasons

No matter what counts as “fall flavored” to you, life’s too short to limit healthy sweet snacks to just one season. So while the above snacks were hand-picked for fall, don’t let anyone stop you from indulging in them all year long. 

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