Battle of the High-Protein Snacks: Cheetos vs. Outstanding Puffs

Are you ready for the ultimate snack showdown? In one corner, we have the addictively delicious Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs. In the other corner sits the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Puffs. Both cheesy and spicy-hot, these high-protein snacks are ready to deliver. But who will win? 

High-protein snacks can rock your world by improving your well-being, but it’s important to consider other factors like a snack’s nutrient density, flavor, and diet friendliness.

Place your bets as we take a closer look at the benefits of high-protein snacks and compare our Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Puffs to see who will come out on top.

The Benefits of High-Protein Snacks

According to a 2018 survey commissioned by Farm Rich, 86% of Americans swapped at least one meal with a snack. Who can blame us? Snacking is a quick way to satisfy hunger — especially when we’re on the go

Snacks “can increase nutrient intake, sustain energy levels, help the body recover from exercise and give individuals plenty of healthy options,” says registered dietician Martha Gonzalez. Selecting snacks filled with nutrients and protein will thus give you the best return on energy and health.

Whether you’re a busy parent or a competitive athlete, high-protein snacks provide the fitness benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, feeling fuller for longer, building lean muscle, and speeding up recovery after exercise. With the right foods, anyone can improve their diet and enhance their health.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos vs. Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs

Now that we’ve highlighted the importance and benefits of high-protein snacks, let’s get this showdown started! On the outside, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs appear to have a lot in common, but their insides tell a different story.

The cheesy, spicy snacks will be judged based on their protein content first and foremost, as well as diet friendliness and nutrient density. While protein is the most important nutrient we’re looking for, we give props to those snacks that go the extra mile to provide a more wholesome option.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Puffs

For the spicy-food lovers out there, chances are you’ve munched on Flamin' Hot Cheetos before. Cheetos Puffs are finger-lickin’ good, which works to their benefit given the cheesy residue they leave on your fingers. So what do Flamin' Hot Cheetos offer? Let’s take a look.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Puffs:

  • Contain one gram of protein
  • Are gluten-free
  • Contain dairy
  • Contain minimal vitamins, minerals, and amounts of calcium, iron, and potassium.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos came out strong, but do they offer enough nutrition to go head to head with the competitor? Despite their gluten-free recipe, Cheetos lack of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients seriously hurt their chances.

Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs

Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs stand strong as a competitor with their spicy, cheesy deliciousness. This high-protein snack’s addictive flavor will leave spicy-snack lovers wanting more!

Outstanding Foods Battle of the High-Protein Snacks: Cheetos vs. Outstanding Puffs

Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs:

  • Contain 21 grams of protein
  • Are gluten-free
  • Are plant-based
  • Contain 20 vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B, and more.

Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs are giving their all and holding back no punches! That protein count is through the roof at a whopping 21 grams. On top of that, these cheesy puffs are plant-based and gluten-free, making them a delightful snack for people of all dietary preferences.

Finally, Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs sealed the deal in this competition with 20 vitamins and minerals in every bag. For health nuts, busy people, and athletes, Hello Hot Outstanding Puffs make the perfect high-protein snacks.

Battle of the High-Protein Snacks: The Winner

Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs are the clear winner with a vegan-friendly recipe and nutrient-packed tastiness. Spicy-food lovers everywhere should turn their heads toward our showdown champion next time they’re looking for healthy high-protein snacks.

Next time you’re craving a guilt-free treat, try Hella Hot Outstanding Puffs and say hello to lasting energy! Find Outstanding Foods snacks in stores near you.