How High-Protein, Low-Fat Foods Can Improve Your Diet

Many self-proclaimed “high-protein” foods are in fact high in fats, too. As a result, people trying to lower their fat intake while maintaining their energy levels can have trouble finding healthy high-protein, low-fat foods to fit their dietary needs.

The best way to optimize your lifestyle is to stock up on foods that will give you energy throughout the day without stepping on the toes of your diet. The right high-protein, low-fat foods will do just that — and they’ll taste great.

Read on to learn about the benefits of high-protein, low-fat foods and which snacks to incorporate into your life to improve your diet. 

The Benefits of High-Protein, Low-Fat Foods 

Protein is an important macronutrient that helps build muscle and repair tissue after excess activity or an injury. It also helps maintain a healthy weight and curb hunger cravings, according to Piedmont

Fat, on the other hand, is a little trickier. Also an important macronutrient, fat is an essential part of a balanced diet, but not all fats are created equal. 

Ideally, you want to stay away from trans fats — which are known to increase cholesterol in the body and create inflammation — and saturated fat, which can lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. Instead, stick to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which experts say help lower your risk of heart disease.

It's important to keep in mind that even the good fats need to be eaten in moderation, so high-protein, low-fat foods can help you to achieve and maintain a balanced diet and a healthy weight.

4 High-Protein, Low-Fat Foods

With any snack, it's important to remember not to overeat. Overeating even the healthiest snacks can prevent weight loss or lead to weight gain. The following four high-protein, low-fat foods can increase your energy levels and improve your diet.


Edamame is a tasty treat that is packed with nutrition. Just 2.5 ounces of edamame touts a whopping 8 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of fat — most of which comes from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Not to mention, it has quite a bit of fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium.

Outstanding Foods How High-Protein, Low-Fat Foods Can Improve Your Diet

Among its many benefits are its ability to lower cholesterol, depression, and Type 2 diabetes, according to Medical News Today. Edamame is a delightful snack that you can season with different spices and enjoy to your heart's content. 

Whole Grains

In addition to traditional high-protein, some whole grains can be great sources of protein. Just 100 grams of cooked quinoa, for example, contains 4.4 grams of protein and just 1.9 grams of fat. And because of its nutty flavor, quinoa is extremely versatile; use it in salads, on top of yogurt parfaits, or to make plant-based quinoa burgers.

Likewise, oatmeal is a great whole grain snack. One cup of oatmeal with water delivers 5.1 grams of protein and 1.1 grams of mostly healthy fat, according to Eat This Much. For more protein, stir in a scoop of almond butter, replace your water with milk, or top your oats with hemp or flax seeds.

Pigless Pork Rinds

If you're craving a salty snack like chips, you're in trouble — a lot of chips are high in fat and don't deliver much protein (if any). That's where Outstanding Foods snacks come to save the day! Our Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds contain a whopping 25 grams of protein per bag. 

You heard that right. These entirely plant-based pork rinds are meatless and packed with protein, so vegans and vegetarians can snack all they want.

Snack With Glee, Snack Guilt-Free

Remember that even healthy high-protein, low fat foods should be consumed in moderation. While snacking can greatly help you boost your energy and maintain your weight, it's important to eat wholesome, balanced meals throughout the day. 

Now that you know the benefits of high-protein, low-fat foods, you can stock your fridge and pantry with the right ingredients to incorporate more high-protein snacks into your diet. With a better diet, you’ll feel your energy skyrocket and your overall quality of life improve.

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