Low-Fat Snacks to Make 2022 Your Year

New year, new you, right? But are the same old set of snacks dragging your health and fitness goals down? We all know we should avoid fatty foods, but sometimes it's hard to give up the snacks we crave when we don’t know what alternatives are available. That’s where our guide to low-fat snacks comes in handy.

From high-protein energy bites to all-natural sweet treats, low-fat snacks can help meet all your dietary goals — whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain energy, or make healthier choices when you’re on the go

Here are four low-fat snacks to make 2022 your year.

What’s Poppin’?

To some, popcorn may just be a vessel for consuming large quantities of butter and salt, but the go-to movie theater treat can easily become one of your top go-to healthy low-fat snacks with just the right adjusting. Plus, according to WebMD, in addition to being low in fat, popcorn is a high-fiber whole grain that helps reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

Instead of drowning your popcorn in butter, try a blend of fresh parsley, parmesan, and garlic powder.  For a little more of a kick, try taco seasoning, fresh cilantro, and lime or one of our addictively delicious zero-calorie, plant-based seasonings.

If you like your popcorn on the sweeter side, add dried fruit and nuts for a trail mix spin or crushed peppermint for a festive holiday flair. 

My Big, Low-Fat Greek Treat

Low-fat Greek yogurt is one of the best low-fat snacks because it’s so high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, it’s super versatile: Combine your favorite flavor with fresh or dried fruits and nuts (or a scoop of your favorite nut butter) for added healthy fats and carbs to keep you full between meals.

Outstanding Foods Low-Fat Snacks to Make 2022 Your Year

You can even use Greek yogurt to make a healthy alternative to ice cream. Just blend your favorite frozen fruit and with Greek yogurt to make a low-fat snack that’s healthy and full of flavor.

Bite-Size Energy

Energy bites can be great, convenient low-fat snacks packed with nutrients. Store-bought energy balls generally consist of a combination of dried fruit, nuts, and protein powders. But if you have the time to make your own, the sky’s the limit with the possibilities you can come up with.

Dates are a great base for energy balls due to their sticky texture, natural sweetness, and high fiber content. If you’re not a fan of dates, nut butters can also be a great way to hold your energy balls together, but don’t feel limited to peanut butter. Experiment with almond, cashew, or even sunflower seed butter for new flavors.

From there, you can add whatever flavors pique your interest. Throw in a variety of nuts, seeds (consider the six that Cleveland Clinic deems best for optimal health benefits), or cocoa powder or dark chocolate to appease your sweet tooth.

Low-Fat Snacks in Surprising Places

Pork rinds don’t typically find themselves at the top of lists of low-fat snacks, but our PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds are quickly changing that. With 67% less saturated fat than traditional pork rinds, PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds are redefining low-fat snacks.

And low fat doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Our porkless pork rinds come in flavors like Hella Hot, Texas BBQ, Nacho Cheese, and classic traditional, so you’ll always have something to keep your taste buds excited.

With a whole array of low-fat snacks to try, 2022 can definitely be the year you take your health to the next level. From snacks you can enjoy on the couch to snacks you can enjoy on the go, these low-fat snacks are sure to please.

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