Quick, Easy & Healthy Snacks for Pregnant Women

As if taking care of yourself wasn’t hard enough, now you’re charged with taking care of a new life quickly growing inside of you. Whatever you eat, Baby eats, and you want to make sure that your baby always eats the best.

The average pregnant woman needs an additional 340 calories per day during the second trimester and 450 calories during the third trimester, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. That’s roughly one or two extra snacks per day. More importantly is where you get those extra calories, because a growing baby needs specific nutrients to facilitate healthy development. 


Let’s take a look at the specific nutrients needed for healthy fetal development and snacks for pregnant women that will help you and your baby. 

Folic Acid

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends women consume 400 mg of folic acid per day to help babies develop the neural tube. Consumption of folic acid is crucial for preventing neural defects like anencephaly (brain damage) and spina bifida (spinal damage) that can occur as early as three to four weeks into pregnancy.

Smoothies are great, easy snacks for pregnant women without the hassle and work. Throw some dark, leafy greens (like spinach), nuts, legumes, seeds, and whole fruit (like bananas and oranges) — all of which contain high amounts of folic acid — into your blender, and drink to your heart’s content.

Calling for Choline

Choline is a nutrient that studies show is critical to membrane biosynthesis, tissue expansion, and neurological development. And while humans are able to synthesize this nutrient in the body, not enough can be made to meet the body’s metabolic demands. Doctors recommend pregnant women consume 450 mg of choline per day and up to 550 mg per day during lactation. 

You can find choline in nuts, legumes, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, but eggs are one of the best sources of choline and great snacks for pregnant women. Try adding roasted broccoli to your morning eggs, or keep a stash of hard-boiled eggs on hand for when cravings strike. 

Bones, Muscle & Blood

Other nutrients that you and Baby need include calcium for bone development, protein for muscle synthesis, and iron to prevent anemia. 

For an easy snack that’s high in all three, try a bowl of cottage cheese with roasted pumpkin seeds. The yogurt provides protein and calcium, while the seeds are a great source of iron. 

Snacks for Pregnant Women to Ease Common Symptoms

Your well-being is just as important as your baby’s, and pregnancy tends to come with plenty of discomfort. Fortunately, many healthy snacks for pregnant women and their babies are also great for alleviating common pregnancy symptoms.

Fiber Fixer

Constipation is a more-than-annoying pregnancy symptom that unfortunately lasts throughout all three trimesters, but loading up on fiber can help keep you regular.

Outstanding Foods Quick, Easy & Healthy Snacks for Pregnant Women

Start your mornings with a big bowl of oatmeal (just one cup contains 8 grams of fiber), or embrace your inner millennial with some avocado toast. Avocados are high in fiber and healthy fats, and enriched whole grain bread contains both fiber and your much-needed folic acid.

Mash an avocado with a small bowl and add the juice from half a lemon, crushed red peppers, and a dash of salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Spread over whole grain toast and top with an egg for added choline and protein.

Cooling the Heartburn

As Baby grows and starts pressing up against all your organs, you might start to experience consistent heartburn. High-fiber whole grains —like oatmeal, couscous, and brown rice — can help alleviate acid reflux while providing much-needed nutrients for your baby, making them great snacks for pregnant women experiencing heartburn. 

Additionally, milk and yogurt can help relieve a spicy stomach by neutralizing stomach acid and providing plenty of calcium.

Go, Go, Ginger

Ginger is a centuries-old nausea remedy — and not just in snacks for pregnant women. Ginger ale, ginger beer, or ginger tea are common ways to consume the root vegetable, but don’t be afraid to grate some right into a bowl of applesauce, a smoothie, or your favorite meal.

For extra ease in preparation, buy ground ginger or store fresh ginger root in your freezer to make it last longer. 

Outstanding Snacks for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy can be tough, but just one or two healthy snacks every day can help keep your symptoms at bay, your hunger assuaged, and your baby growing strong.

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