Crowd-Pleasing Super Bowl Snacks

The Super Bowl is one of those rare events that has something for everyone.

You’ve got the football fanatics who are closely analyzing every play, the die-hard fans who just want to see their team win, and then a whole crowd of people who just want to party, laugh at the commercials, and munch away on the impressive array of snacks that are sure to be served—and if we’re being honest, most of us fall into this category.

It doesn’t matter why you’ve turned on the TV – the Super Bowl is a day of fun and delicious, unhealthy, fried food for people from all walks of life.

Speaking of snacks, what are you serving at your Super Bowl party this year? If you’re a true snack aficionado, this is your chance to show what you’re made of and outdo your past performances – not unlike the players and coaches on the field. This is your time to shine, so bring on the next-level snacks like never before, even if you’re just watching the Puppy Bowl.

The Super Bowl only happens once a year, but you can use these snack ideas for any get-together with family, friends, or just a laid-back evening with your best friend or partner. Watch the game on TV or stream your favorite show as you snack away – we won’t get in your way!

Enough sports talk, let’s talk snacks.

Clean, Light, and Healthy

Super Bowl snacks have a reputation for being the most gluttonous, greasiest types of food out there. It’s just a part of the tradition – everything is over the top, and there’s nothing wrong with letting loose once in a while as you dive headfirst into a massive plate of nachos and go swimming in the cheese whiz.

However, experienced snack strategists know that there needs to be some method to the madness, and that means balancing out those artery-cloggers with some healthier alternatives.

Some people don’t even want to look at a celery stick on the day of the big game, but not everyone is trying to eat themselves into oblivion. You’ve got to sprinkle some lighter snacks throughout the table to satisfy everyone at the party.

Your first move is to map out the perfect crudité plate, which should include everything from cucumbers and celery to carrots, cauliflower, and bell peppers of every color. Arrange these rectangular-cut veggies in an aesthetic way so that even the burger-and-wing crowd will want to get in on the crunch. Plus, celery and carrots are the perfect accompaniment to the hot wings that we know you’re serving.

Other healthy snacks require even less effort on your part. Load up a bowl of low-sugar trail mix that people can scoop at throughout the game. We suggest keeping some mini-cups nearby so that the bowl doesn’t become a germ fest.

If you’re feeling extra bougie (on Super Bowl Sunday, no less), take things to the next level with a cheese plate that lets your guests create their own magnificent bites. Little crackers, toast points, charcuterie, and maybe some jam – welcome to the classiest Super Bowl party you’ve ever attended!

It’s also not a bad idea to have some fresh fruit available to contrast all those salty and rich flavors. A piece of mango or pineapple at halftime is a great palate cleanser and hits the spot as you’re listening to some bops (or not).

Fun and Fresh Beverages

All those Super Bowl snacks are pretty heavy on the salt, and even the lighter options like olives, pickles, crudité, and low-fat chips have their fair share of sodium. You’ll need to have a wide variety of beverages (and not just the alcoholic ones) at the ready so that you and your guests can quench that inevitable thirst.

Soda, sparkling water, and beer are definitely non-negotiable, but you can get even more creative when it comes to drinks at your next Super Bowl gathering. It only takes a little extra planning to make some of these super sippers.

Homemade lemonade is an absolute treat that kids will happily sip throughout the evening, and the adults can pour in a bit of booze to make things more interesting on their end—spiked Arnold Palmers, anyone? What, wrong sport?

The ready-made or powder-based stuff is fine, but you can up the ante by carving up your own lemons and making a quick simple syrup to get a much more authentic flavor (plus fewer calories overall).

If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s up for playing bartender, this gives guests the chance to place their orders and get exactly what they want! Learning a few easy cocktails doesn’t take much time, and it’s bound to get the party started.

Even kids will appreciate non-alcoholic mojitos, margaritas, and even pina coladas (get that blender working!), and they might try something brand new to their palates.

For true party connoisseurs, sangria is a timeless drink that will steal the show at your next Super Bowl party, even though it might not be the first thing that you think of. But consider all the beauty of sangria: it’s fairly easy to make, delivers big on flavor, and is so refreshing that you won’t have a drop left to spare by the end of the game. Plus, you can make it in big batches, so the party keeps going. All. Night. Long.

Dips, Spreads, and Sauces

Forget about field goals, touchdowns, and first downs for just a second – we all know that the Super Bowl is really just an excuse to showcase and enjoy our favorite dips and spreads.

Before you get too fancy on us, be sure you have the basics lined up and ready to go. This means homemade guacamole, sour cream and onion dip, and at least three different salsas (mild, medium, spicy, and maybe sweet).

Those are just the essentials, of course. Things can get way more complicated if you’re willing to dive into the world of crazy party dips. Jalapeno and cream cheese, 7-layer dips, crab and bacon bits, buffalo-ranch chicken, baked broccoli parmesan – there is no limit to the madness when you open Pandora’s box of dips.

The best part of making dips is that there is so much room for experimentation. As long as all the individual ingredients work well together and there’s a decent balance of flavor and colors, you really can’t mess things up (just don’t overcook it).

Keep a wide range of chips and crackers available for people to choose from and dip as desired, and set out some healthier options like tzatziki or hummus for the guests who don’t want to overload on calories.

Bring on the Meat

You saw it coming – these meat monstrosities are the essence of Super Bowl Snack indulgence.

First things first: the grill should be filled with the classics before kickoff. We’re talking about burgers, dogs, ribs, and sausages. If it’s fatty, flavorful, and can be eaten on a bun with one hand while gripping a beer in the other, it’s Super-Bowl-Certified.

Be sure to have all those condiments and toppings lined up on the table for easy access, since everybody likes to add different flavors and textures to their burgers and brats… or glizzys.

Maybe you’ve got some veggies like peppers, mushrooms, and corn on the cob working on the grill as well, but that’s an afterthought compared to the meaty main events.

We should also mention chicken wings, which need to make an appearance at some point in the party! You can’t go wrong with some standard salt-and-pepper seasoning, but true wing-lovers will take this opportunity to go buck wild with different flavors and sauces.

Teriyaki, buffalo, super-hot, pineapple glaze, panko-crusted, Sriracha-honey – there is no limit to the creativity, and everyone at the party will find something to love. If you’ve got young kids attending, be sure to include some boneless chicken fingers to makes things easy for them.

As you know, those are just the basics. Some people take things even further, mixing and matching different meats to create snacks that are downright outlandish. If they can add bacon in any way, shape, or form, they’ll do it (even if it barely makes any sense!).

Right Out of the Bag

In a perfect scenario, we’d have infinite time and energy to plan ahead for our Super Bowl parties and present the most glorious array of dishes, dips, sides, and beverages the world has ever seen. That’s just not the case, of course, and sometimes we can only make a few things from scratch.

To fill in the gaps and keep your guests munching through all four quarters of play, you should have a bundle of bagged snacks in the pantry ready for deployment. Salty potato chips, crunchy corn chips, popcorn of all kinds – these are no-brainers for any Super Bowl assembly.

There’s no problem with playing the hits when it comes to snacks-in-a-bag, but this is also your chance to introduce something new to the crowd!

We recommend busting out these Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds, which come in five phenomenal flavors and are actually super healthy! This snack can bring together everyone in the party, from the veggie-hummus-dippers to the double-bacon-burger-eaters.

For even more variety, pass around some Outstanding Puffs for everyone to try. Not only are they delicious and pack serious crunch, but they may just be the healthiest thing you eat that Sunday. Protein, vitamins, minerals – amazing!

At Outstanding Foods, we know about snacks, and we’re happy to help you host the best Super Bowl party in town!



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