Plant-Based Diet Bringing on the Bloat? Go Beyond the Gas

If you’ve recently made the leap into a plant-based diet, you may have already noticed you’re feeling great — and you might be inclined to toot your own horn! Yes, we mean that literally and figuratively. Hint: There’s more behind your vegan bloating than you may think.

There’s no tip toeing around it: Vegan farts are a part of a plant-based diet. 

Here are some simple reasons why this happens and tricks for how to get through vegan bloating.

Did You Say Vegan Bloating?

Many people report that when they are transitioning into a plant based diet, they feel what has become known as “vegan bloating.” Symptoms can range from feelings of a mild “I’m full” to the more intense, “I feel like I ate everything I’ve ever seen.”

However, for most people, their symptoms are brief, mild, and painless feelings of gassiness. 

Why Can Going Vegan Cause Bloating?

What does a plant based diet have to do with bloating? Well, for many people, the amazing health benefits associated with an increase in plant fiber intake, such as a boosted immune system or decreased cholesterol, also come with a few unintended effects.

Vegan bloating comes into play due to this very same fiber. When you transition to eating foods that have a higher fiber content, your body will naturally take more time to digest and pass these foods through your digestive tract. This is the point at which the gas build-up adds up to what is known as vegan bloating.

Luckily, your body is an amazing collection of scientific processes that work to keep you balanced and healthy and un-bloated. As you continue with your healthy food choices, your body will naturally begin to create more healthy bacteria in your digestive system that will help to break down these high-fiber foods.

Many people have shared that this process to transition past vegan bloating to feel more like their old selves can take anywhere from two to four weeks. 

While this may sound like a long time to avoid clearing out small rooms or having to wait for that elevator to be empty (it’s okay — we’ve all done it), there are some tricks that can make vegan bloating a thing of the past.

How Can I Deflate The Bloat?

With this new, healthier approach to eating, there are a few considerations and lifestyle changes you can take. These simple tips can help to decrease vegan bloating while your body adapts to your new healthy food choices.

Take a Walk

Getting up and getting some light exercise could help to move that vegan bloating down the road. A short walk after eating a meal gets everything moving — literally. It gets your food moving faster through your digestive system so gasses don’t have time to build up.

Outstanding Foods: Vegan Bloating: Going Beyond the Gas

Cook Your Veggies

Consider cooking your vegetables. Yes, eating them raw is fantastic, but cooking them helps to break down the fiber that contributes to vegan bloating — and also it aids in digestion. 

When you boil vegetables or beans, try discarding the water, as some of the sugars that contribute to gas production can leach out during cooking. 

Eat Slowly

Once you’ve made your favorite new dish, take your time to eat slowly and enjoy your food. This allows your digestive system to not be suddenly overwhelmed, and it gives your body’s enzymes time to break down food and cut down on the time gas has to build up, decreasing the symptoms of vegan bloating.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water is always an excellent idea no matter who you are. Maybe you’re a lightweight when it comes to drinking water, or perhaps you’re a multiple-gallons-per-day professional. 

Either way, if you’re going with a plant based diet, drinking more water than you currently are can help to decrease the effects of vegan bloating. 

What’s Beyond the Gas?

Whatever the reasoning behind your switch to a plant-based diet, you and your vegan farts are here together — and we’re proud of you for sticking it out. Try out some of those simple tips and tricks to get some relief.

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