The Vegan Cheetos Substitute That’s Changing the Game

CHEETOS®, the popular orange air-puffed snacks, have dominated the American snacking market for decades. Their ubiquitous presence is evidenced on the glowing fingers of recent snackers and has even sparked restaurants dedicated to their flavor.

Make no doubt about it, though: These corn snacks are most certainly junk food. They are low in nutritional value and high in health consequences. Yet, that cheesy flavor is so delicious that people just can’t leave them alone.

The solution? A healthy “cheeto.” Forget the original — we’ve got a hot take on a vegan cheeto that’s stealing the crown for best cheesy snack.

What Are Cheetos?

The definition of a cheeto changes based on who you ask; kind of like Kleenex® are synonymous with tissues, the term cheeto has become ubiquitous with a crunchy, cheesy, air-puffed chip. By nature, there’s no reason that cheetos need to be unhealthy — and that’s where L.A. chef David Anderson enters the picture. 

Passionate about creating healthy, plant-based alternatives to common foods, Anderson created the Outstanding Foods brand with entrepreneur Bill Glaser as a means of flipping the script on everyday snacking, making delicious plant-based options not only available, but craveable.  

Where the original CHEETOS® are based on enriched corn meal, whey, and MSG, Outstanding Puffs by Outstanding Foods utilize natural, plant-based ingredients like rice and pea protein — one of the best plant-based proteins available and the only plant-based protein that’s actually a complete protein. 

Best of all, Outstanding Puffs don’t use processed powdered cheese. Instead, they rely on a myriad of flavors from plant-based ingredients like mushrooms, garlic, and broccoli to create a taste explosion with each bite.

A Dangerously Cheesy Addiction

In a devastating report by the New York Times in 2013, it was revealed that top executives of several of the major snack companies knew that their products were harmful to their consumers, causing several health related diseases, but those executives chose to do nothing.

More than that, they dug their heels in deeper, creating snacks that were intentionally unhealthy, playing into the natural human addiction to fat and salt.

Outstanding Puffs, the vegan cheetos, stem from the opposite motivation: These vegan cheetos were created to be healthy. Where CHEETOS® were designed solely for flavor, Outstanding Puffs were designed to satisfy cravings the healthy way: by giving hungry snackers both flavor and the nutrients they need.

Each bag of Outstanding Puffs packs a whopping 19 grams of protein, all from plant-based sources, with less than half a gram of saturated fat per serving. All that protein means that a handful of these vegan cheetos isn’t just empty munching; it’s a productive snack that will leave both your taste buds and your body feeling satisfied.

Outstanding Puffs from Outstanding Foods are addictive in all the best ways — and with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, you don’t have to feel guilty (or ill) if you devour a full bag.

Vegan Cheetos

Cheetos have earned their spot as one of America’s favorite snacks for good reason. They’re readily available and packed with flavor, making them an easy snack of choice for those on the go or hungry between meals.

Better, however, are nutritionally dense options that don’t sacrifice flavor. 

Outstanding Puffs are the vegan cheeto tastealike that are big on flavor and nutrients and tiny on saturated fats and other unhealthy additives.

On top of that, these vegan cheetos come in 6 different flavors. Hella Hot, the spiciest option, gives Flaming Hot Cheetos real competition for the top spot in terms of both spice and flavor.

Outstanding Puffs are here to offer savory, delicious munching that won’t accidentally sabotage your health. Check out the Outstanding Foods store today and feed your craving the healthy way!