What’s the Deal With Vegan Farts? Why a Vegan Diet Makes You Gassy

If you’ve recently switched to a vegan diet, you may have noticed an unpleasant side effect in the form of extra gas. Believe it or not, vegan farts are pretty common. But just because they’re normal doesn’t make it any less embarrassing when you accidentally let one rip in the grocery store checkout line.

Fortunately for most people, vegan farts are a temporary experience as your body adjusts to your new diet. And don’t worry — there are some things you can do to ease the discomfort.

But before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight: there are two types of people, those who think farts are a funny topic of conversation, and liars...

Now that we’ve cleared the air so to speak, let's talk all things vegan farts — where they come from, why they’re usually a temporary annoyance, and what to do about them. 

The Main Culprit: Fiber 

So where do all those vegan farts come from? Typically, fiber is to blame. When you go vegan, you naturally start eating a lot more beans, fruits, and veggies. And that means you’re getting a lot more fiber, which your body isn’t used to processing in such large quantities.

To deal with all that extra fiber, your body literally grows new gut bacteria — and while that may sound gross, it’s actually good for you. In fact, the gut bacteria produced by a vegan diet has been shown to promote better health overall. 

At the same time, though, the process of growing that gut bacteria also produces more gas. Ergo, you experience bloating, discomfort, and, of course, those infamous, room-clearing vegan farts.

The Good News: It’s Temporary (Usually)

If you’re stressing out over your new found ability to practically fart on command, try not to worry too much. Most of the time, the extra gas is temporary as your body learns how to handle taking in so much fiber. After a few weeks, the flatulence tends to ease up. 

That said, don’t panic if your vegan farts don’t go away within a couple of weeks or months. This likely just means there are other factors affecting you besides the increase in fiber. 

Many things can make you extra gassy, from changing your diet to swallowing lots of air. You might even have a sensitivity to certain foods that causes your digestive system to produce more gas than normal. When in doubt, check with your doctor for personalized advice.

The Solution: How to Deal With Vegan Farts

Now that we’ve established that vegan farts are totally normal and usually temporary, what can you do to get rid of them, or at least make them more bearable?

Outstanding Foods What’s the Deal With Vegan Farts? Why a Vegan Diet Makes You Gassy

— Hydrate. Let’s be real: We could all use more water in our diets, and veganism is no exception. Drinking water helps break down food as you digest, which in turn helps cut down on your bubble gut.

Ease into the fiber content. Many people who go vegan do so all at once. But it’s exactly that sudden switch-up that catches your body — and its shortage of fiber-digesting bacteria — unprepared. Instead, try introducing fiber-rich foods gradually, so your body has more time to adjust. 

Get more probiotics. Probiotics are some of those good bacteria that our bodies need. They’re naturally found in fermented foods like kimchi, sourdough bread, and various pickled foods, but you can also get them in supplements (just do your research to be sure they’re both vegan and legit). 

Cook gas-inducing foods. Some of the biggest offenders when it comes to vegan farts are raw veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Instead, try steaming your veggies before you eat them to help kick-start the process of breaking them down, resulting in less gas for you. 

Swallow less air. Yes, really. You may not think about it, but any time you drink from a straw, chew gum, or even just eat, you’re also gulping down air. Once it’s inside, there are only so many ways that air can come back out. One of which, of course, is when you “let one rip”.

Make no mistake, you can’t stop yourself from ever farting. Nor should you! It’s a natural, healthy part of life, even if it does stink — in more ways than one. But you can certainly reduce the amount of vegan farts you have to deal with. 

One way to introduce fiber slowly into your new vegan diet is to find healthy vegan snacks with a low fiber content. Outstanding Cheese Balls, for example, contain 0 grams of dietary fiber per serving — but they do contain 4 grams of protein and 20 vitamins and minerals. And did we mention they’re dairy-free? 

Less Fiber, Less Flatulence?

As you ease into a more fiber-rich vegan diet, you’ll need to accept that you’re going to experience vegan farts, especially at first. But don’t let that deter you from pursuing a healthier plant-based lifestyle! The benefits far outweigh the embarrassment.

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